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Scott Barnes began as a fine arts painter, who, much like Monet, used his finely honed techniques in order to re-create light, shadow, and texture. Only Barnes has effected this kind of magic on the human face. After Barnes studied at New York City’s Parsons School of Art and Design, home to many of our greatest innovators, he left with the talent and knowledge to re-create life on the canvas. It was only once a photographer he was assisting on a shoot suggested he try his hand at makeup, that Barnes was suddenly struck by an idea: to treat the face as he treated the canvas as a fine arts painter, using pigment, multi dimensional aspects and contour, that looked phenomenal both in life and on camera. In bringing the world of art to make up, the industry would never be the same. He would transform the profession itself,
just as he would metamorphose the famous faces lucky enough to land under his paintbrush.

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